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Indaba: Africa’s top travel show

African countries are pushing tourism. Indaba, arguably the most African tourism fair, is dedicated to promoting tourism in African countries. It is the biggest gathering of Africa’s travel and tourism sector, uniquely designed with African travel trade in mind. Run by the South African government, the annual travel and tourism fair aims to be a… Read More

Destination: Kigali

This week, all eyes have been on Rwanda. The country just rounded up its first World Economic Forum for Africa, which ran from May 11 to 13. The conference brought together about 1,500 people from across to world to discuss and examine Africa’s economic prospects. For three days, heads of state and government, business leaders,… Read More

5 times Savior Barbie revealed the truth about voluntourism

As “voluntourism” has grown in popularity so have criticisms against it. Questions have been raised regarding who actually benefits when young untrained people travel abroad to help impoverished communities. Voluntourism has been described as being ineffectual at best and harmful at worst.   The Instagram account Savior Barbie is the most recent thing to call… Read More