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Another Uber controversy arises in Seoul

Surprise! There’s been yet another Uber controversy — this time in Seoul, South Korea.   UberX is among the various services offered by the international transportation company. Unlike other Uber services, UberX promises budget prices.   Uber initially faced issues with their operation in Seoul last July. Local authorities claimed that Uber was illegal in… Read More

Why Bill Cosby’s Silence Led to His Public Conviction

Bill Cosby Picture

The numerous rape allegations lodged at legendary comedian Bill Cosby were compounded by Cosby’s public silence at the height of the scandal. If you’re inclined to follow rules, the don’t say “no comment” rule of crisis communications is a good one to follow. When public figures remain silent during times of crisis, the public has no choice… Read More

There’s No Place Like Home: How “Dorothy” Device and App Allow You to Turn Your Shoes into Multifunctional Hi-Tech Ruby Slippers

In the words of Dorothy: “There’s no place like home.” Actually getting home, however, is sometimes easier said than done. Or at least, it used to be. Thanks to a new device which has the ability to turn any pair of shoes into your very own pair of personal ruby slippers, you, like Dorothy, may… Read More

Hail a Cab, Ditch the Uber

Driving through a city is no easy feat. If you save enough money to invest in a car, you then have to worry about scarce parking, dense traffic, licensed drivers who should definitely not be licensed drivers, and many more traffic maladies.   Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives: you can bicycle, use public transportation… Read More

10 Best Travel Apps

Smartphone apps have become essential tools in the everyday lives of many. However, keep in mind that apps can come in handy away from home, too. A smartphone equipped with a solid set of apps can lessen the various struggles and dangers that traveling may present. Be sure to take advantage of these 10 great… Read More