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Social Entrepreneur Chris Ategeka Builds Bike Ambulance System In Rural Uganda

Rural communities in Africa face transportation barriers when trying to access healthcare. Vehicle ambulances are often not common in these areas due to poor road conditions and cost of road maintenance. Additionally, many of the indigenous communities can not afford to own personal vehicles. This is a big problem when there is an emergency because there is no… Read More

Global Backlash Against Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

The Ugandan government recently signed an anti-gay bill with a hefty life imprisonment sentence for people found guilty of “aggravated homosexuality” — the bill also criminalizes those found guilty of promoting homosexuality. The international community condemned the law but one particular organization has decided to take the condemnation up a notch.   On Thursday, Feb.… Read More

Ugandan Women Banned From Wearing Miniskirts

A law that the Ugandan government thought would end inappropriate sexual excitement and unwelcome sexual advances has instead provoked men to be violent against women.   Early last month the Ugandan government signed into law a controversial anti-pornography legislation which bans miniskirts, defined as anything above-the-knee; the law also bans other kinds of revealing clothing… Read More