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KFC UK Moves to Rebrand With Emotional Advertising 

After 10 years of steady growth, KFC UK experienced sales slumps in 2013. Since then, the fast food giant is looking to rebrand its image by connecting to its consumers through the use of emotional appeals in their new campaigns. The campaigns will also incorporate digital strategies. KFC believes that it needs to rebrand in order… Read More

The “Poo Bus”: U.K. Sets New Sustainability Standard With Bio-Bus, the First to Run on Human, Food Waste

Recycling, using less water, and using energy-efficient light bulbs — these are just a few of the many ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. Another major step is reducing pollution, which can be achieved by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such as by using less gasoline. For many, this means riding a bike when… Read More

For the Love of Your Body: Cancer Research Calendar Transforms Women’s Body Insecurities into Art

A woman’s relationship with her body is always a bit of a mishmash of mixed emotions, but too often do the negative emotions and opinions tend to outweigh the positive. All it takes is one look at the long list of terms women use to describe their “problem areas” — terms like muffin top, thunder… Read More

UK Bans Creationism in Free Schools and Academies

In a world with such scientific advances that we are able to use stem cells to reproduce teeth, the ongoing debate between Creationism and Evolution can still be a surprise. However, the United Kingdom has taken measures to clear the classroom of this debate.   The United Kingdom has added a new clause to the existing “Academies… Read More