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Urban Outfitters getting heat for tapestry reminiscent of gay Nazi prisoner uniform

Urban Outfitters is no stranger to scandal, and the retailer has made headlines numerous times in regards to controversial and offensive products. This includes garments like a “blood-splattered” Kent State sweatshirt that many critics felt was an offensive reference to the 1970 Kent State massacre, and a “depression” crop top that critics felt was making a… Read More

The thigh gap controversy: Latest Urban Outfitters incident changes conversation on body shaming

Critics of modern society’s obsession with thinness have long attributed the issue to biased marketing and media. Think back to the Target thigh gap Photoshop debacle of last year. While the retailer later came forward to apologize for the incident, this is nevertheless a clear example of how marketers cling to particular body images based on… Read More

Can You Rock a Snapback?

Women have a number of options when it comes to accessorizing, but men are often only left with functional fashion, like watches and belts. Women’s accessories are appreciated for their aesthetic value, while men’s accessories are often valued for what they get done. A watch can be stylish and trendy, but in the end, it’s… Read More

The Best Stylish Shorts for Every Body Type

Finding shorts can be a daunting and an extremely difficult task. After trying on dozens of shorts, you might feel like giving up.  However, with the summer just around the corner, “giving up” might not be your best decision.   Instead of sweating it out in jeans or leggings, read on for expert tips and… Read More