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Grado Zero and MycoWorks create mushroom-based leather substitutes

For centuries, garments and accessories made of animal leather, especially cowhide, have been used, worn, and cherished by cultures from all around the world. There are few materials that feel as luxurious as a beautifully tanned full-grain leather or a supple suede, and leather’s tensile strength makes it a natural choice for belts and bags.… Read More

Going vegan to save your body and the planet

On average, the United States consumes around 478 billion pounds of meat, or 270 pounds per person, every year. U.S. citizens are the second largest consumers of meat in the world. Recent studies  by the USDA and the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey have displayed an array of health defects directly associated with meat… Read More

Vegan Makeup: How to Transition to Animal Cruelty Free Products

Veganism is primarily focused on consuming an animal-free diet, but if you want to take it one step further, you can also try to eliminate all animal products from your life in general. One good place to start is makeup.   To find out more about vegan makeup, we talked to NYU student, Parisa, who… Read More