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Potential ‘Counter-Strike’ pro league faces big problem

Counter-Strike game play

Some of the biggest “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” tournament coordinators in the world have been discussing their plan to band together and develop a global circuit for the e-sport.   The groups involved in this possible alliance consist of the e-sports tournament organizers MLG, StarLadder, PGL, CEVO, Gfinity, and FACEIT. If this massive tournament goes through,… Read More

Millionaire gamers: The dollars and sense of a career in e-sports

professional video game tournament event

The International 2015 “Dota 2” tournament shocked casual and professional gamers alike with its $18 million prize pool that made millionaires out of the top six placing teams. This is just one of the events that’s making it possible for skilled gamers to make a career out of e-sports, which is exactly what many of… Read More

The motivation behind Evil Geniuses’ $6 million ‘Dota 2’ victory

The Evil Geniuses Dota 2 team

China has some of the best competitive “Dota 2” players in the world, but that didn’t stop team Evil Geniuses from becoming the first U.S. based team to win The International tournament.   On Saturday, Evil Geniuses beat popular Chinese team CDEC in a surprising 3-1 victory at The International 2015, taking home over $6.6 million.… Read More

Natus Vincere enters The International with the help of a senator

Sonneiko plays in a video game tournament

Gamers from all over the world have traveled to Seattle, Washington to participate in the biggest “Dota 2” tournaments, but first they had to face the difficult challenge of obtaining a visa.   The Natus Vincere “Dota 2” team has been a fan favorite in past tournaments, but a denied visa application almost stopped them from… Read More

ESL gaming tournament takes lead to end pill popping in e-sports

A bottle of Adderall

Professional athletes are constantly being tested for performance-enhancing drugs. Now, professional video game organizations are starting to put gamers under the same microscope.   Last Thursday, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) announced their plan to test professional gamers for drug use. The first testing will take place in August at the ESL One Cologne “Counter Strike:… Read More

Bungie reaches out to ‘Destiny’ community with newest hire

Loading screen for video game, Destiny

Everyone dreams that the perfect job offer at the perfect company for the perfect position will just fall into their laps, but this dream became reality for one gamer.   Last Wednesday, Bungie’s community manager, DeeJ, announced an interesting new hire on the video game company’s forum. Bungie’s newest employee, Cozmo, was hired as a… Read More