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DDR-style games may help stroke victims recover faster

Strokes are detrimental to a person’s body and mind. It can damage the body in different ways, depending on where the stroke affected the person, and fully recovering is sometimes not in the forecast. Nearly 50 percent of stroke survivors need life-long assistance for everything, even to perform basic functions. Traditional physical therapy exercises can… Read More

Can video games improve brain function?

Video games are widely debated in the psychological community for their addictiveness, violence, and tendencies for players to be anti-social. New studies, however, are indicating that certain types of video games actually promote healthy brain growth and can increase both intelligence and brain function.   Dr. Brian Glass and Professor Brad Love, scientists from Queen… Read More

‘Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’ sales spike after slow first week

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate game

Ubisoft was worried their newest title “Assassin’s Creed Syndicate” wouldn’t sell as well as they had hoped after the first week of sales were lower than expected. However, the developer reported that the second week’s sales numbers were on the rise.         Gamers were hesitant to purchase the next game in the “Assassin’s… Read More

Warner Bros. goes above and beyond to rectify endless ‘Batman’ game problems

Batman: Arkham Knight game capture

The PC version of “Batman: Arkham Knight” has been added back to Steam after the game spent over four months off the market while developers worked on fixing the large number of bugs and glitches. The newest “Batman” title from Warner Bros. may be back, but it’s still broken for many gamers.          One… Read More

Librarian of Congress protects gamers with new fair use rules

Library of Congress

The acting U.S. Librarian of Congress, David Mao, passed new exemptions to strict digital rights management (DRM) anti-circumvention laws on Tuesday that will give more leeway for fair use in gaming.       DRM is used by a large portion of video game developers to prevent people from copying or modifying their games. Many gamers… Read More

‘Star Wars’ puts EA way ahead of fiscal expectations

Electronic Arts corporate

Electronic Arts (EA) announced their financial results for the company’s second fiscal quarter on Thursday, and they have exceeded expectations.     The video game developer received a non-GAAP net revenue of $1.146 billion, when they were attempting to reach $1.075 billion. EA’s rising revenue comes as a surprise to many, since EA was voted… Read More

Potential ‘Counter-Strike’ pro league faces big problem

Counter-Strike game play

Some of the biggest “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” tournament coordinators in the world have been discussing their plan to band together and develop a global circuit for the e-sport.   The groups involved in this possible alliance consist of the e-sports tournament organizers MLG, StarLadder, PGL, CEVO, Gfinity, and FACEIT. If this massive tournament goes through,… Read More