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Spinning racist clichés around with #SiLesNoirsParlaientCommeLesBlancs

If you don’t follow the happenings of Francophone Twitter, you likely missed the viral hashtag #SiLesNoirsParlaientCommeLesBlancs. At once funny and relevant, #SiLesNoirsParlaientCommeLesBlancs saw (mostly French) black Twitter users turning around racist clichés they hear daily and applying them to white people. Literally translated as: “if black people spoke like white people,” tweets using the hashtag… Read More

Foul-Mouthed Feminism: Why The “F-Bombs for Feminism” Campaign Is Not How We Should Be Addressing Women’s Rights Issues

Throughout history, individuals seeking to address major social and political issues have employed a variety of methods and approaches in their efforts. Of course, it can only be assumed that with such a multitude of platforms and a strong freedom in how one chooses to use them, there are sure to be instances of serious… Read More