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Hot Topics in Health: Smart Textiles, The Latest Wearable Technology To Monitor Your Health Status

These days, wearable technology and health are becoming increasingly interconnected, particularly as technology is being created to enhance and improve quality of life and well-being. Nevertheless, we are yet to see this kind of health monitoring wearable tech make its way into clothing. A Canadian university, however, may be changing that.   Researchers at Université… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Smart Ice Skates are the Latest in Smart Athletic Gear Aimed at Reducing Sports Injuries

Figure skating is a sport which manages to combine athleticism and art all in one aesthetically pleasing package. As beautiful as it is to watch, one rarely considers the level of stress that figure skating can put on skaters’ bodies, particularly their joints. This stress can ultimately make each remarkable triple axel or salchow as… Read More

Opinion: Will Smartwatches Take Off?

Smartwatches have attracted significant attention in the world of technology over the past few weeks. Recently, Apple announced that they would be releasing their own smartwatch in early 2015, marking their first foray into the smartwatch industry segment. Moreover, the attention that Pebble has accrued through its Kickstarter project certainly demonstrates the public’s interest in… Read More

Hi-Tech Parenting: How the Sproutling Baby Monitor Can Transform How Parents Care for Their Babies

From internet-surfing to photo-taking glasses to fitness tracking bracelets, wearable technology is all about making our lives easier by changing how we can utilize technology for different purposes like taking care of our bodies or easily accessing information on the go. Now with the latest development in wearable technology, a whole new aspect of life… Read More