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Thinning out our military: One-third of Americans “too fat” to serve

An overweight American in an American flag inspired t-shirt

The obesity epidemic in America has long been touted as a serious public health concern. As Americans continue to lead more sedentary lives devoid of proper nutrition, ailments such as heart disease and diabetes become increasingly problematic. Now, growing rates of obesity may actually become detrimental to American military might.   A recent report issued… Read More

Low-carb swap: 6 low-carb alternatives for your favorite meals

A major role of PR is being able to change a conversation by transforming our ideas about one thing through building a new image based on positive communication and rebranding. In a sense, PR helps us “swap” one perspective for another.   In health, swapping ingredients in your favorite dishes for healthier alternatives is no different. It’s all about… Read More

The Vote for Health: Is Berkeley’s New Soda Tax the First Step to Combating Obesity in America?

Voters in Berkeley made history last week when they voted to pass the nation’s first soda tax, which will add a 1¢ tax per ounce on sugar-sweetened drinks, like soda and juice, beginning in January.   The measure passed with an overwhelming 75 percent vote, which is particularly impressive considering the consistent failure of similar… Read More