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WhatsApp: A networking trend among millennials

Individuals in business attire sitting around a white conference table

Days of lengthy in-person meetings may soon become a thing of the past. In the Kenyan town Maru and the Tanzanian city Arusha, WhatsApp has been successfully implemented as a platform for health workers’ communication.   Generation Y has been bred to communicate best in quick, electronic snippets of information. This leaves the impression that… Read More

10 Best Travel Apps

Smartphone apps have become essential tools in the everyday lives of many. However, keep in mind that apps can come in handy away from home, too. A smartphone equipped with a solid set of apps can lessen the various struggles and dangers that traveling may present. Be sure to take advantage of these 10 great… Read More

Why Zuckerberg Bought WhatsApp, and What He Plans to Do With It

$19 billion is not pocket change, as a recent Tumblr account was quick to point out shortly after Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp. According to their math, Zuckerberg could have opted to purchase a colony on Mars, an MMR vaccine for every child on the world, AND the 50 most expensive paintings ever sold. Zuckerberg could also have… Read More