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Women’s empowerment is a matter of child’s play with One World Play Project

Two girls in India paying with a soccer ball.

Women’s empowerment is no laughing matter, but one organization is proving that it may actually be fun and games.   One World Play Project  is an organization that believes that where play happens, change happens. Its mission is to use sport and play to bring concepts like conflict resolution, gender equality, and health awareness to… Read More

The Breastfeeding Selfie: Alyssa Milano Challenges Society’s View of Women’s Bodies

The media is no stranger to the overexposure of women’s bodies and the theory that “sex sells.” We’ve seen women dancing around in barely-there outfits for music videos or gracing the covers of fashion magazines with their, shall we say, assets covered by nothing more than unzipped jackets or their own hands.   With the constant… Read More

We Love Maryam Mirzakhani: Math’s Highest Honor Awarded to a Woman for the First Time

Mathematics has been a field long dominated by male figures. For most of the 20th century, women were discouraged from math and science fields, as it was believed they did not have the same mental capacity as their male counterparts. Even today, these fields are largely dominated by men, with few women pursuing careers in… Read More

Has the Sexual Image of Nicki Minaj Caused Her Feminist Message to Be Lost?

Nicki Minaj is not known for keeping it quiet. The outspoken, often controversial, female rapper is known for her outlandish outfits, sharp lyrics, and, of course, her body. This past week, Minaj released the cover artwork for her single, “Anaconda.” The artwork features Minaj in a pink bra, and a next to nothing pink thong,… Read More

The Research Speaks for Itself: The Benefits of Female Leadership

In recent times, a new kind of leader is emerging and making headlines. One who is selfless, helpful and puts the concern of others before themselves. The characteristics that are valued in a leader are changing, and it seems that women are better able to embody those traits than men.   According to the Huffington… Read More

The Horror Behind The Score: Sexual Slavery in Brazil

The world cup is well under way and thousands of sports fans around the world enjoy a sense camaraderie and playful competition as they cheer for their country. There is a dark side of popular sporting events, however, that is deeply troubling, and sparsely reported. The business of sexually slavery and child exploitation is a… Read More

Fundraiser for Girls in Nigeria: Nneka and Chiney’s Challenge

With so many celebrities making their own strides in trying to help bring about awareness and action among their fans, it can be hard to keep track of them all — especially the ones with the most potential for good!   One duo that is working tirelessly and beautifully to do the most good in… Read More