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Lilly Pulitzer’s fat-shaming crisis highlights role of individual employees in brand imaging

Picture of a food table at Lilly Pulitzer headquarters.

Women’s clothing line Lilly Pulitzer found itself in a sticky situation after being the subject of an article published in New York Magazine. The article’s original intent was to give readers a look into the fashion line’s headquarters, but instead was criticized for a harsh display of fat-shaming.     The article is a slideshow… Read More

Fashion Photographer Oye Diran & His Two Favorite Things About NY Fashion Week: Korto Momolu, DJ Universe

After making a brief appearance last season at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), emerging fashion photographer, Oye Diran of Arista Imagery, infiltrated the Spring/Summer 2015 New York Runway of Liberian Designer and Project Runway All Star alum, Korto Momolu, in a big way.   At the SS2015 NYFW show last Monday, Diran captured the entire… Read More

Spread The Word: Shorts are Good, Skirts Are Better, But skorts Are Best of All

If there is one thing guaranteed to resurrect your memory of elementary school, it is the skort. A uniform staple, the skort was one of the most intriguing and genius creations of the fashion world. Half short, half skirt, the skort helped young schoolgirls look both proper and practical. Think of the mullet: business in… Read More

News Flash: “Clueless” Wardrobe Now a Reality

First, it was “Fancy.” Now, there’s a wardrobe. Would Amy Heckerling be proud to know that “Clueless” continues to inspire entertainers and style-mongers alike? She should be. The 1995 cult classic loosely based off of Jane Austen’s “Emma,” features a milieu of pop culture references that will not cease and desist. We at MUIPR are… Read More

How to Dress for Women with Large Breasts

Big boobs are both a blessing and a curse. Blessing for rather obvious reasons, and a curse because it is so difficult to dress.   We interviewed a few girls who had experienced difficulties dressing for their bust size and collected five of their most useful tips.   1. Avoid super high-necked shirts. Extra fabric up… Read More

Breaking the Taboo: How to Wear Black All Summer Long

Floral prints and bright pops of color are classic summer go-to’s, with fluorescent shades filling every shop side window. Too often we shun our favorite little black dress and ditch our slimming black tee during the hottest months of the year. But there is something about black that we always come back for, whether it’s the slimming effects, mature… Read More

J.Crew Responds To Consumer Wish With ScoopBack Summer Swimsuit

Picture your favorite article of clothing in your mind’s eye.  Now, imagine that the piece is considered “vintage” by today’s standard. Have you ever wished that your favorite fashion brand would bring back that dress you so loved or type of skirt that was tailored in such a way that it was suited best to… Read More