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Sexist label crisis involving Indonesian clothing company Salvo Sports

In honor of International Women’s Day last week, we have seen a lot of individuals, organizations, and brands vocalizing support for women’s rights and the need for gender equality. Unfortunately, there’s also no shortage of individuals, organizations, and brands that continue to show us how far we still have to go before achieving these goals. This… Read More

Feminism on the money: Changing the face, and gender, of American currency

Women and women’s rights have come a long way, both in America and around the world. However, it’s undeniable that there is still a lot of progress to be made before we achieve true worldwide gender equality. While many women’s rights groups address this problem by working towards raising awareness about, and ultimately eradicating, issues… Read More

Georgia Woman Fights Female Genital Mutilation with Petition to Obama

There is a horrifying, archaic practice that takes place all around the world, even in the United States today, despite the fact that the World Health Organization denounces the procedure. Female genital mutilation (FGM) does not just affect young girls in far away lands; the practice’s statistics raise suspicion in our own home country as well.… Read More

A World Of Feminist Men

The word “feminist” too often has a negative connotation, and many are wary to label themselves as a feminist. People view feminists as women who blame men for all injustices against them. The Merriam-Webster definition of the word feminism, however, is simply “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” The word may… Read More

Tech Company, Atlassian, Compares Software to Women: “Complains a Lot and Demands Attention”

Tech companies are notoriously male-dominated work places, and as such, can create an atmosphere that is harsh for women. However, that does not excuse the slides that were presented at the #AltasCamp conference in Berlin.   According to Elite Daily, “Atlassian, the company that produces software products like Jira, Confluence, HipChat and more, was holding… Read More

#AllMenCan, How Support Solves Problems

After the Santa Barbara, Calif. shooting, there was a social media outcry in the #YesAllWomen movement — a movement that drew attention to misogyny in the United States and the effect of patriarchy on women. As mentioned in the previous #YesAllWomen article on MUIPR, the movement has created global awareness and shed light on women’s… Read More

Women’s Empowerment: Why Should We Care?

Knowledge is power; so is access to contraceptives. Millions of women the world over are not only deprived of the right to an education, but also access to contraceptives. It has been shown that educating women is a real solution to poverty and overpopulation.   Family planning is a serious problem in impoverished countries. In… Read More