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Workout, Sans Soreness: 3 Tips for Preventing Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Post-workout muscle soreness is bittersweet. It’s a satisfying reminder of a hard workout session, yet it’s a pain to deal with the morning after your tough exercise.   Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice a hardcore workout to avoid aches. Reducing post-workout soreness is simply a matter of giving your muscles some gentle TLC after you’re… Read More

Three Unbelievably Fun Ways To Exercise in NYC

Well, here we are, yet again. It’s already Sunday, and what have we accomplished? Went out for a rowdy night of drinking on Friday, hid our face in shame Saturday morning/afternoon/evening, seriously contemplated our life choices, and ate copious amounts of delicious hangover food. Now here we find ourselves on this lovely Sunday, the Lord’s day,… Read More