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Reputation management in the digital age

Before the advent of the Internet, it took a drop in sales or a negative news article for brands to realize their reputations were in question. Now, brands can perform a simple Google search and learn exactly what the public thinks of them. The search results aren’t always good, and repairing your reputation can take time,… Read More

When Customers Run Wild on Social Media

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Businesses have gotten a big boost from social media. Between Yelp, Facebook and Twitter, businesses have reached millions of customers and generated awareness for their products and services — for free. We all understand the power of social media has over consumers. What few understand is what to do when customers run wild on social media.… Read More

Yelp for Business Owners: Popular Review Site Empowers Business Owners

Technology and social media have made informed consumerism a more prevalent part of our society than ever before. Consumers are equipped with a wealth of tools and sources which they can turn to for user-generated ratings of products, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. These tools in turn largely influence the decisions of consumers.   Yelp is… Read More