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Dementia symptoms diminished with regular yoga, meditation

Yoga and meditation can have a significant affect on your mental health. Helen Lavretsky, M.D., M.S., director of the late-life mood, stress, and wellness research program at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA explains the benefits of participating in Yoga and Meditation: “In a way, both yoga and meditation are ‘brain… Read More

Three and a Half Acres: Lara Land’s new non-profit promotes social change through yoga

Yogi Lara Land has made a name for herself teaching yoga in her own studio in Harlem, as well as around the world. For her, yoga’s ability to transform the mind, body, and spirit makes it far more than a physical activity; it makes it a possible force of social change. Land has harnessed this… Read More

Yoga on a Ledge: Does Rachele Brooke Smith’s Recent Yoga Video Give the Practice a Bad Name

After posting a video of herself on the internet last week doing yoga on the ledge of an NYC building, actress and dancer Rachel Brooke Smith has managed to stir up a lot of controversy regarding how the kind of exhibitionist behavior reflected through her video may completely tarnish the name, reputation, and true purpose… Read More

Yoga Community Denounces Celebrity “Selfie”

There is no doubt that selfies have consumed our nation, communally and psychologically. Self-indulgent narcissism now surrounds the popular buzzword, and despite the actual implications of the social fixture, yoga communities worldwide have traded in their content, blissful serenity for backlash against Instagram-posing celebrities.   It’s true that the notion of yoga celebrity is currently… Read More