For some, the best part about summer is traveling. Is there a more quintessential summer experience than to take a road trip? Road trips, however, are different for everyone. It depends on how far you are going, what you like to focus on while traveling (food, museums, site seeing, or hiking), and what your budget looks like.


Because everyone has their own style when it comes to road trips, it can be especially hard planning one. Trying to figure out the best route to take, the best places to stop, or where to eat can be a daunting task that is not for the light of heart.


However, with help from some great new apps, all the work is done for you; it is just a matter of picking your style!


Roadtrippers (

Roadtrippers: Possibly the reason a lot of people avoid road trips (besides the long car rides) is the actual planning. It can be hard to pick all your destinations ahead of time, know how long it will be before you are dying for a rest stop, and where to even stop for interesting stuff.


Roadtrippers has taken all the hard work out of planning your next road trip. According to the website, “Find the best places to visit on your next road trip or even in your home town! Sync your bucket lists and trip itineraries from the website for turn-by-turn navigation and last minute route planning.”


Roadtrippers uses Google-Maps based directions to help you lay out your route and also helps find all the fun stops along the way — you can also save your trips and edit them later. Not to mention, you can also calculate your fuel costs, time, and distance. This app is only available on iTunes, but it does have a website you can use as well!


GoGoBot App (

GoGoBot: This is perfect for road trips as well as whenever you are traveling. GoGoBot is an app that looks up fun stops and restaurants in any city you choose. It is perfect when you are already at your destination or stopping in a city you have never been.


GoGoBot not only can familiarize you with the city you are visiting, but can also be a useful tool to get to know a new city you just moved to as well! You can look for museums, hiking spots, parks, shops, clubs, and more!


GoGoBot also has an incredibly useful feature called GoGoBot Tribes. GoGoBot tribes are people who travel “like you,” and this portion of their site is where you join one of the tribes based on how you like to travel — Luxury, Backpackers, Family, Nightlife lovers and more — and the website will highlight the places you will love most!


This app is available on both Android and iTunes, and they also have their own website.


On the Way (

On the Way: This app is perfect when you are unfamiliar with an area you are passing through, or when you are already on the road and you want to see what stops are along the way.


On the Way can show you stops like restaurants, museums, parks, and other roadside attractions.


Simply enter in your point A and point B, choose the route you are taking, and then little icons will pop up to reference awesome attractions.


This app is only available on iTunes, but it is free!


What apps do you have for road trips? Which app do you find you use the most when you are in a new town? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!