You may know how to style your hair, how to dress, and how to stay well groomed in general — but do you know how to incorporate technology into your style in a natural and fashionable way?

Most of us use different forms of technology throughout the day. Instead of focusing on just function with your technology, maybe it’s time to start considering aesthetics, as well. It seems as if that’s the way that smartwatches are taking us, anyway.

Check out these five hot technology accessories below that mix style with tech:

Gold headphones from Urban Outfitters

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Do you walk around everywhere with a pair of headphones dangling from your ears? If you do, maybe it's time to upgrade. Check out the golden headphones here. They’re unique, and they’re bound to add an edge to almost any outfit. Buy them for $30.

Do you think that that you should incorporate style into your tech, or do you think that the two worlds should remain separate? Let me know below or on Twitter @ryanlawlessness