When you think of wearing a Fitbit, you think of tracking steps, and keeping fit while going about your normal everyday activities. You normally would not think of a Fitbit in terms of saving you from a potentially deadly health hazard. Yet, that is exactly what an elderly woman says happened.


Patricia Lauder, 73, claims that when her heartbeat reached more than 140 beats per minute at rest, the Fitbit she was wearing alerted her right away. She knew something was wrong because her normal per minute beat was 60 to 70. Lauder called emergency personnel who took her to the hospital where it was discovered why her heart had been working twice as hard.


(Know Your Meme)

The doctor found that she had blood clots on both of her lungs, which caused her heart to enlarge to 65 percent of its normal size. Blood clots in the lungs, or Pulmonary Embolism, is a blockage of a major artery in the lung that happens suddenly. The clot usually starts within a deep vein in the arm or leg, and then breaks apart and travels to the lung.


It is because of the potential for blockage, it is considered an extremely dangerous condition. However, most of the time, the clots are small enough and are not necessarily life-threatening. In some cases, patients may not know they are not well. Symptoms can be vague and general such as feelings of anxiety, sweating, or feeling faint. In other cases, symptoms are more severe.


In Lauder’s case, her heartbeat was trying to tell her there was a problem, but had she not been wearing the Fitbit, she would not have known. She possibly may have even lost her life. WebMD urge patients to go to the hospital right away if your symptoms are severe such as: sudden shortness of breath, chest pain, pain that worsens with cough, or pink and foamy mucus.  


Lauder is lucky to be alive today, thanks to her Fitbit. Since it tracks your exercise,  tracks your sleep, and tracks an accelerated heartbeat alerting you of danger, the Fitbit is shaping up to become one device many will not want to leave home without.


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