Earlier this fall, Apple released iOS 8, their eighth major mobile operating system. While the update wasn’t a drastic change from its predecessor, Apple has made some helpful changes.


Non-iPhone users using iOS 8 will now have an easier time with compatibility across devices. Instead of iMessages alone being able to show up on Macs, SMS messages will be added to the mix.


The new operating system will also greatly improve group chats. iOS 8 makes it possible to add and delete members from group messages, share locations via iMessage, and mute specific group messages.


Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced iOS 8 earlier this fall. (phonecruncher.com)

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced iOS 8 earlier this fall. (phonecruncher.com)

Typing will be easier, too — iOS 8 includes a Quicktype feature that predicts text as you type. This feature will also adjust to your personal uses by adopting different tones that you use across different apps and learning the specific spellings of names in your contacts.


The time-lapse camera mode in iOS 8 will make it possible to easily condense long videos into seconds, by creating a higher frame rate. This is a step forward from the slow motion camera features introduced in iOS 7.


iOS 8 now makes it possible to use the fingerprint scanner in third party apps, instead of just the to unlock the device and purchase contents from the iTunes Store. Rumors suggest that iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 may begin to incorporate fingerprint-scanning technology into their designs.


Besides these changes, iOS 8 also includes features like updates to AirDrop, and introduces Handoff and the Health app. Regardless of all the changes and updates, consumers still haven’t been updating. iOS 7, at this time of its release, was adopted by over three-quarters of iPhone users; iOS 8, on the other hand, has been adopted by just over a half of iPhone users.


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