Since the announcement several years ago that traces of water had been found on Mars, so many different groups, businesses and organizations are lining up and racing to eventually colonize and build establishments on the Martian surface. In one corner there’s The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, more commonly known as NASA.


NASA has done an array of experiments to Mars that include but aren’t limited to The Reconnaissance Orbiter launched in 2005, The Odyssey in 2001 and most recently the Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution in November 2013. And to their credit, NASA has found exponential amounts of information about an extraterrestrial planet that may in fact be habitable in the future.


In the other corner is the “aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company” that’s owned by the real-life Tony Stark himself Elon Musk, SpaceX. As opposed to NASA which is government owned, SpaceX is entirely privately-owned company started in 2002 by Musk, arguably one of the most brilliant inventors and innovators of the last century. In a much shorter time, SpaceX has made equally as many landmark steps in exploring the red planet even further, including announcing plans to build a type of spaceflight technology called The Interplanetary Transport System. Also to diversify their abilities, SpaceX will be developing a spacecraft in 2018 to send two individuals to The Moon via a free return trajectory, essentially becoming the first instance of “lunar tourism”.


And just like with any other craze sweeping the world, pop culture hasn’t been immune from the Mars mania. According to director of the Hayden Planetarium and “Cosmos” star Neil DeGrasse Tyson in a Hot Ones interview in April, the esteemed scientist said that the Matt Damon-starring “The Martian” was the most scientifically accurate and detailed movie regarding Martian exploration and colonization. But even with the wild popularity of “The Martian”, there’s still countless other shows and other aspects of pop culture about Mars.       


The transportation of food and vital supplies to Mars could be quite a process and even though Matt Damon grew potatoes in people’s’ feces, I doubt any of the Martian settlers would enjoy doing that. While many companies have either joked or seriously mentioned their plans to produce their products on Mars, one unlikely company has been entirely serious and truthful in their plans to grow and produce their very well-known brand of beer on Mars.


(Slash Gear)

Budweiser, possibly the most popular producer of cheap non-IPA American beers, announced last month via their official website that they plan to honor a promise made at the most recent South by Southwest and begin to send barley to into space by “early December.” By pairing up with SpaceX, Budweiser will be sending barley to the International Space Station in the cargo of the CRS-13 mission to experiment on how the barley is handled in a “microgravity environment” such as the ISS. The barley seedlings will then orbit for 30 days “before being brought back down to earth for Budweiser’s innovation team to analyze – setting the foundation and blueprint for Budweiser’s next move in brewing the beer of the future.”


The CRS-13 launched on December 4 yet no word on the condition of the orbiting seedlings. Still, it’ll certainly be an exciting process to see which other businesses will expand to the new frontier.


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