Comcast has dominated as a cable network provider, and kept consumers engaged with their witty commercials.  Now, they’ve set their sights even higher.

Recently, the network provider reported a $45.2 billion USD mergers and acquisition deal with Time Warner Cable. Although it’s far from certain, this would mean that the country’s two largest cable companies would become one mega-ton company that may dominate the world of cable for years to come.

Estimates suggest that if the deal goes through, Comcast will be in the homes of nearly 30 million customers; that’s almost a third of the TV-watching customers in America. Despite potential obstacles with antitrust regulators, both companies hope that the M&A deal will come to fruition by the end of the year.

Its unclear whether the impact of the deal will be good or bad for consumers. However, if it does go through as planned, it’s safe to say Comcast will dominate the telecommunications business as we know it.


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