Can you imagine how amazing a computer that had no viruses or “malware” would be?  Or better yet, one that could anticipate viral attacks and stop them before they inhabit your computer?  For those of you who do not know what “malware” is, it is a type of malicious program or software that is designed to damage computers and computer systems.


Liran Tancman, CEO and co-founder of Israeli software firm “Cyactive” truly believes he and his team have come up with a revolutionary solution to preempt a virus attack.  Computers these days are already running at light speed and Cyactive might be the answer we’ve all been waiting for.


To understand how Cyactive actually works, one must understand how hackers create viruses,” said Danny Lev, Cyactive’s chief marketing officer.  According to Lev, “When a threat is exposed, we predict that malware’s evolution to protect an organization before the black-hat hackers even write it.”


Photo: Fox News

Photo: Fox News


Apparently, claims about products that eliminate computer viruses are made every year because cyber hacking is becoming ever more prevalent around the world. However, there are people who are not quite ready to believe that Cyactive is the solution to all malware complications. One of those people, PC magazine editor Neil Rubenking, explains what Cyactive really is.

“[Cyactive is] just looking for re-used code from known malware. I’ll be interested to see if it holds up in testing by the independent labs. But just looking at the claims, I see nothing new.”

One crucial part of Cyactive that Tancman hopes will set them apart from other security systems firms with similar claims, is that their device can be used on computers as well as everyday household items.

“‘The detectors that we use are very lightweight, […] meaning we are not restricted to one kind of device. Our security can be deployed on normal PCs as well as […] things like refrigerators to turbines and critical devices.”

Hopefully Tancman and the team at Cyactive are onto something here.  If Cyactive can birth a detector that can help prevent malware, the world would be better off and, lets just say that the developers of the anti-malware device would be in for a nice payday.


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