Dong NguyenFlappy Bird was an app created by Doug Nguyen in May 2013.  The app initially exhibited such lackluster performance months after it was deployed into the marketplace, but then  gained tremendous popularity in the early weeks of 2014.



Then, on February 8 2014, Nguyen announced that he would be taking down the app. There was no real explanation except for, “I can’t take this anymore.” The rumor mill says that it was because the game was too addictive and that Nintendo asked him to take it down to avoid legal issues. The last and most interesting rumor is that the app’s popularity was based on bot manipulation which propelled it to the #1 spot on iTunes.  Suddenly, Nguyen was making up to $50,000 a day.


After Nguyen announced that the app would be deleted, there was an influx of flappy bird downloads; there were stories about people with the Flappy Bird app selling their phones  for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars!


Perhaps the most entertaining part about the Flappy Bird debacle are the hilarious “knock-off” Flappy Bird apps such as “Flappy Bert” and “Splashy Fish“. Splashy Fish is actually doing the best so far with reports that it is being played 250 million times a day, and is the #1 app in the iTunes app store.


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