Last year, Facebook may have been worried about losing their youth market to smartphone-based application WhatsApp.  This is no longer a concern for Mark Zuckerberg and company, who announced on Wednesday afternoon that they are purchasing WhatsApp for a total of $19 billion in cash and stocks.


WhatsApp Stats

Graph used in Facebook’s presentation announcement illustrating WhatsApp’s growth rate. Facebook.

Zuckerberg has been pushing Facebook to be more mobile-friendly over the last few years, but the Facebook application sees less traffic daily relative to WhatsApp–which boasts over 450 million monthly users and 1 million new registered users per day.


On the conference call where the announcement of the merger was made, Zuckerberg expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition and said that it will allow Facebook to offer a “new and engaging mobile experience” that will give “people power to share and [make] the world more open and connected.” He did clarify that WhatsApp will not replace the existing Facebook chat function because the two services are typically used for different purposes.
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