Video games such as Bethesda’s masterpiece “Fallout” series or Rockstar Games’ classic “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” with excessive violence as one of its signature characteristics, a flamethrower is often the cornerstone of grotesquely violent choices. Usually alongside a rocket launcher, minigun or grenade launcher, the World War I and II weapon is capable of shooting flames for up to 25 meters and more in any given direction  (or in the case of the Grand Theft auto series, light helpless pedestrians and automobiles on fire).
Even with their previous use as a deadly incendiary weapon by multiple armies, the flamethrower has become a staple for video games that thrive on stimulating chaos .
If you have ever been curious of the legality of flamethrowers, you should know that the potentially dangerous weapon is legal in 40 states. According to Life Hacker, California  issues a misdemeanor possession charge if an individual is caught with a flamethrower without a permit. In other states, the gadget is not even considered a weapon.
When any gadget is famous within the lexicon of pop culture, one person will almost always be there to produce it for critical mass consumption.
Elon Musk, the real-life Tony Stark and founder of the Boring Company, has produced and subsequently sold out of all 20,000 flamethrowers. Via Twitter, Musk announced that all units of the $500 flamethrower have been purchased and sold with a complimentary Boring Company fire extinguisher.

an image of the boring company's flamethrower and a statement that all 20k of the gadgets were sold

All 20K Flamethrowers Sold (the verge)

Much smaller than the standard flamethrower, the Boring Company’s black and white submachine gun-sized gadget resembles more of an airsoft gun that happens to shoot flames.
Musk, showing his sense of humor, said that no one should purchase them unless they “like fun”. The flamethrower, which only shoots a few feet worth of flames, is legal in all states according to The Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) as long as the flames do not extend past 10 feet. The ATF considers the gadget more of an elaborate blow torch as opposed to a legitimate flamethrower.
No concrete announcement has been made on future production of these flame-throwing gadgets, but the fact that Elon Musk all 20,000 units sold out following a recent announcement by Musk on Twitter, speaks volumes in terms of both the public’s love of Musk and their odd fascination with flamethrowers.

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