Have you ever found yourself in the dreaded predicament of clicking “Send” on an email, only to realize seconds later that you sent it to the wrong person? Have you ever sent an email with a message you wish you could change? If you relate to either of these scenarios, Google’s latest feature is just what you need.


After six years as an experimental tool in Gmail’s “Labs” tab, the “unsend” feature is finally getting an upgrade to official status. The feature makes it possible to activate a safety period of up to 30 seconds after sending an email, during which time users may choose to stop the message from going out.


Screenshot showing how to enable Gmail's recent "unsend" feature.

Gmail now allows a “cooling off” period prior to the official sending of emails. (gizmodo.com)

It is now openly available on both desktop and mobile Gmail inboxes. The “unsend” function simply needs to be manually enabled before users can begin utilizing it. To do so, users must go into the general settings of their inbox and select the option that reads “Enable Undo Send.” Within that section is the option to select a delay period beginning with five seconds and up to 30 seconds.



Formally introducing this feature as a fully-functional Gmail option is as positive for Google as as it is for Gmail users.  It allows Gmail to jump ahead of the competition as the only email server with a feature of this kind.


Google has recognized that people have consistently sought to find an option that would allow them to undo the sending of an email. This feature also reflects positively on the Google brand in a larger sense because it demonstrates the company’s clear concern with identifying and responding to consumer demand.

Do you remember a time when Gmail’s new “unsend” feature could have come to your rescue and saved you from a mistakenly sent message? Tell us about it! Share your thoughts with us below or tweet me @tamarahoumi