In the United States, renewable energy accounts for about 10 percent of total energy consumption. Ideally, the goal would be to bring the ratio to 100 percent, but many believe that doing so would be impossible. A renewable energy achievement in South Australia, though, has provided hope.


Recently, South Australia, with its population of about 1.7 million people, met a business day’s electricity demands entirely through renewable energy. The weather conditions on September 30 happened to be ideal for renewable energy generation, which allowed solar and wind power sources to generate the city’s entire power for the day.


South Australia takes advantage of their heavy sunlight.

South Australia takes advantage of their heavy sunlight.

South Australia’s Government is now aiming to generate 50 percent of their power through renewable sources by 2025. Right now, one in four South Australia homes have rooftop solar power panels, which have contributed to their ability to meet 33 percent of power demands through renewable sources. Originally, the state aimed to be where they are now in terms of renewable power by 2020 — they’ve met their goal six years early.


South Australia benefits from more hours of daylight than the majority of the world, and they have certainly been taking advantage of these hours. The state’s renewable energy projects demand more effort from the rest of the world. South Australia has proved that determination can lead to huge results in renewable energy; the world should turn toward the state for inspiration.


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