The ever popular iPhone; so chic and perfect for anyone at any age. No matter how old it is, no matter what abuse it’s been through, the call quality and network speed is consistent and dependable.  However, there’s always one dreadful story that nearly all iPhone users have either experienced or witnessed: the cracked screen.  It happens to even the best of us. You accidentally drop your phone. It lands face down. You say a silent prayer, and turn it over, only to see that the screen is now a glass spiderweb, turning your iPhone from chic to completely unappealing.

Apple must have heard our silent prayers, seen the distraught Facebook updates, and heard our cries to the guys at the Genius Bar.  There are rumors that Apple is making the next generation of its iPhone with a sapphire crystal screen.

9to5Mac , a site dedicated to breaking news, sharp reviews and commentary in the tech community, was the first to break the story about the crystal screen; however, over time, there are seemingly insurmountable evidence suggesting that the crystal screen feature is not a rumor.  One way to tell that this isn’t just a rumor?  9to5Mac reported that Apple has “procured enough sapphire crystal furnaces to make 100-200 million 5-inch iPhone displays.”

Interestingly, the iPhone 5s has a small piece of the sapphire crystal on its screen to help prevent breakage when it falls; however, the screen for the iPhone 8 is reported to be made almost entirely out of this material.

The bad news? While the new iPhone 6 might be less prone to the spider web screen, the price with the sapphire glass is reported to increase. According to analysts and investors, concerns about the price increases may cause Apple shares to decline.  Additionally, The Weekly reports that “concern about the cost of producing the new iPhone led analysts at Wells Fargo to downgrade Apple shares from ‘outperform’ to ‘market perform’…” That’s just fancy talk for their prediction of the stock is neutral instead of assuming that it will be extremely profitable.

Nevertheless, Apple has a history of succeeding under pressure. No doubt, with their main marketing tool of an unbreakable screen, the iPhone 6 will fly off the shelves; no matter the price.

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