Crowdfunding seems to be a term exchanged on the daily, even at the dinner table. The interesting thing, though, is that many don’t seem to know much about it. Besides maybe Kickstarter, how many crowdfunding sources would you trust as a platform for publicizing your venture? Contributor Chance Barnett summarizes the term nicely in Forbes as “Crowdfunding, or collaborative funding via the web, is one of the standouts for growth in this evolving collaborative economy.” With hundreds of crowdfunding options available to entrepreneurs, it can be tricky to decide which route to take.


How do you choose where to focus your fundraising efforts when you have a myriad of choices? Closely consider the specifics of the goods or services for which you want to promote and garner funding. You don’t have to be a filmmaker to get the most out of crowdfunding campaigns. Although if you are into making films, the perks on Indiegogo can be a creative place to start. Figure out the niche your project belongs to, and work your way from there. The following four platforms can make your crowdfunding journey a breeze. What are you waiting for? Get to it.


Looking for that angel? Look no further than AngelList.

Tech startup deals are being formed by the hour with such resources as those offered by AngelList. Finding investors and matching institutions to startups is what this platform is dedicated to, and each investor is accredited.


Want to make your film a reality? Go Indiegogo.

With its donation-approval funding and international growth, Indiegogo has secured a trusted name for itself in the crowdfunding world. By utilizing personalized perks, the organization suits both needs and wants of its visitors.


Got philanthropic pursuits on the mind? Opt for Crowdrise.

Charitable cause seekers should check out Crowdrise as their destination for doing good. It offers donation-based funding and helps reveal how much personal impact donors make.


Create your own app with appbackr.

Mobile app development finds its place with appbackr, a donation-based funding source for ventures hoping to create new apps. We didn’t even know crowdfunding like this existed; you never know what you can find to help build your community unless you narrow your focus. Determine what you seek and crowdfunding can help you take care of the rest.


Did you know crowd funding was such an immensely diverse world of resources? Which platform is your favorite? Which would you try for your venture? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro