The many billionaires in the country are living and genuine proof that with hard work and a large sum of money, anything is possible. CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk will be using his company’s resources to venture to Mars and design flying automobiles while presidential hopeful Mark Cuban has both purchased the Dallas Mavericks and several other businesses. Richard Branson is a notable globetrotter/ adrenaline junkie and owner of the conglomerate Virgin Group. Of course, our president is living proof that money and notoriety can even lead to being appointed to the highest office in the land.


Although, of the many complex and innovative projects that ambitious billionaires have both accomplished and are still in the rigorous process of completing, none compare to the magnitude of what Microsoft founder Bill Gates will soon be doing. It’s worth noting that anytime Gates’ name is mentioned, one must acknowledge the excellent examples of philanthropy that he’s accomplished. For instance, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has helped a multitude of people throughout many difficult situations such as decreasing poverty and increasing healthcare options. Along with creating one of the most successful businesses to ever exist, Gates is the true example of how a billionaire should act with that level of immense wealth.  


(The Real Deal)

In continuing his tradition of philanthropy and innovation, it was announced that the multi-billionaire and huge philanthropist would be investing $80 million into a planned community in the Arizona desert. But to Gates, the planned community will be known as a “smart city”. According to CNN, the term “smart city” means a city wired and almost infused with technology. The city will be designed around high-speed networks, autonomous vehicles, high-speed digital networks, data centers, new manufacturing technologies and autonomous logistics hubs.


Belmont Partners, an Arizona-based real estate investment group has been given the honorable duties of constructing this futuristic project that from the description alone, sounds like a city from The Jetsons. The city inspiration for the “smart city” is the nearby city of Tempe, Arizona, population about 182,000. Mainly due to Belmont Partners, whose parent company is the Gates-owned Cascade Investment, the “smart city” will be named Belmont.


With the title of a “smart city”, Belmont Partners certainly aren’t letting that title go to waste. For starters, the main focus of Belmont will be  waste and pollution reduction, with ample amounts of transportation as well as walking/bike riding options throughout the community. And the zoning rules will be somewhat flexible, as commercial and residential areas will be blended more seamlessly.


With the constantly changing world of technology and innovation, it’s always exciting to see where that changing world will take us as a society. While I’m slightly afraid that a “smart city” such as Belmont may turn society into a realistic version of the Netflix show “Black Mirror”, I’m still simultaneously excited to see what will come of Belmont and other smart cities.  


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