Photo: Xbox One system

Photo: Xbox One system

Gaming companies like Playstation and Microsoft are known to create multipurpose consoles that can be used to access programming on their device as well other via other media channels such as YouTube and Netflix.




Last week, Microsoft unveiled their newest remote for the XBOX One.  In addition to accessing the XBOX One, the new remote can also be used to illustrate Blue-ray DVDs and to control other multimedia aspects of their console. The remote is sold separately from the console itself, and will go on sale in March for $25.99.


According to Major Nelson, “This remote is designed to help you listen, watch and switch among experiences instantly – allowing you to rule your entertainment.” The new remote will feature glow-in-the-dark buttons, and is smaller than the XBOX 360 remote.


Although the remote provides access to other media channels, Microsoft is appearing to nickel and dime its consumers by making it necessary to continually buy additions–such as the Kinect–a motion sensor system needed to use the remote- as well as the remote itself–to access all features of the XBOX One. Unlike the XBOX One, Playstation has always made a remote control that is sold with the system and allows users to access other media features including streaming movies, DVDs, as well as game play.



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