Online quizzes are fun and engaging. They ask you questions about your personality that are sometimes silly, sometimes more thoughtful. However, be aware that the companies behind these quizzes may be selling your answers as part of a broader marketing ploy. Those funny questions are not just fun, it is how they learn your spending habits, and lifestyle so they can tailor advertisements to fit your personality.


Did that fun quiz just sell your information?

Big business is in need of information about you to find out who you are and what you like. These quizzes and online surveys are the tools they use to find out who is behind the computer screen so they can market more effectively to you. Some companies use quizzes as a way to determine the type of employee you would be if they were to hire you.


However, those questions are usually tailored more toward your personality type as far as character and demeanor and may be given as part of the initial application process.


Most of the companies who give personality quizzes for fun and not employment will say the results are anonymous. They claim they do not know your name, address, or other personal information but just want to learn a bit about what you like in general.


Their claims are not to be trusted as they may not be true. If you share photos on social media, information about vacations, plans for the future, etc., this information may be accessed. As it has been said before, anything you share online should be considered accessible. It is wise to always be mindful of that when sharing personal information about yourself, or family members and friends.


Should you decide to take that personality quiz next time, KATV On Your Side offers tips for protecting yourself online. Among those tips are: Be careful not to get swindled into paying for a survey; create an alternate email account so your answers remain anonymous; and check your privacy settings on your social media accounts.


These settings are usually set by default and you will need to manually set them to the privacy channels you want. This will make it harder if not impossible for your answers to be linked back to you the next time you participate in a quiz or survey.


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