Mobile gaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry that is only growing stronger as the popularity of smart phones and tablets continue to rise.


Now that mobile games are becoming lucrative, more PC and console game developers are starting to take notice. These companies aren’t just small developers, by any means. Japanese video game developer and publisher, Konami Corporation, has shown great interest in getting in on this ever growing market.


In April, Hideki Hayakawa was appointed to president of Konami. With this new president came a new image for the company. In an interview on Nikkei Trendy Net that was translated on NeoGAF by one of its members, HGH, Hayakawa stated his mobile gaming plans for Konami.


“We will pursue mobile games aggressively. Our main platform will be mobiles.” said Hayakawa.


Screen shot of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a new PC game but was released as a mobile program in April. (

Konami isn’t the only popular game developer to start shifting to mobile gaming. Popular PC game developer, Blizzard Entertainment, has also started showing interest in mobile games. One of Blizzard’s newest PC games, “Hearthstone: heroes of Warcraft,” was reformatted for smart phones in April.


In the past, Blizzard has focused on PC games with the exception of a few console titles. Hearthstone is Blizzard’s first mobile game, and it has made it on the iTunes charts top 100 free apps list. The popularity of their first mobile game could lead to Blizzard further transitioning to the mobile market in the future.


If more big name video game developers follow Konami and Blizzard in shifting to mobile games, it’s possible the future of gaming could revolve around the smart phone.


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