Robo Suit Demonstration

As if we needed another excuse to get excited for the next Iron Man movie, this new technology is sure to stir up some buzz among movie lovers and comic book enthusiasts alike. Developed at the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory in Italy, this robotic suit will give the wearer the ability to lift 50kg with each arm (or a little over 110 pounds). It will also allow the wearer to “exert 10 times more force than they usually can!”


“It’s a device which is able to track the complex movement of the human body and also to amplify the force of the operator,” one developer said in a demonstration video.


According to story by Post, this suit has 22 degrees of freedom, and it can be rebuilt to suit whatever application for which it might be used. The developers thought that this suit would be best used in rescuing people from an earthquake. Considering the massive quake that occurred off the coast of California on Monday, maybe Perceptual Robotics Laboratory should send some over.


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