Medicine has evolved tremendously over the years, yet as technology and medical tools become increasingly innovative, there has been a surprising reversion to natural remedies and homeopathic solutions globally. Rather than looking to mainstream medicine for relief and solutions, many seek out organic answers to their health concerns.


As such, it is not unexpected that we have seen a burgeoning of clinics dedicated to the study and prescription of homeopathic solutions.  One is The Organic Pharmacy, a London-based health and beauty company which seeks to provide the best organic healthcare, skincare, and beauty products to its clients.


However, The Organic Pharmacy’s innovative approach to homeopathic medicine is one which interestingly serves to bring together the two commonly juxtaposed sides of medicine: the technological and the natural. It does so with the use of its BioEnergetic scan, which looks at things like organ function, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormone balance, intolerance, and stress to provide a comprehensive body assessment for each individual. The clinic’s experienced homeopaths use these results to then recommend a personalized wellness program for each client.


The Organic Pharmacy opened its first U.S. store in Beverly Hills in 2008, and its second just earlier this year in NYC (

The Organic Pharmacy opened its first U.S. store in Beverly Hills in 2008, and its second just earlier this year in NYC (

Naturally, there are skeptics who may not back the method as a dependable medical option. Pair that qualm with skepticism regarding the efficacy of homeopathic remedies and organic medicine, and the entire process may seem questionable. However, the scan has proven valuable in more ways than one.


For starters, body scans in general serve to mollify the human imagination when it comes to health. It’s easy to get carried away with illusory notions of what certain symptoms may be saying about your body, a tendency which has been amplified in the presence of excess health and medical information circulated via the internet. By giving you a visual representation of what is happening in your body, a body scan can change how you perceive diagnoses and medical recommendations, appeasing emotional and psychological anxieties while targeting physical needs.


Looking at the technology’s role in homeopathic medicine, the results exhibited by those who have tried the scan themselves certainly suggest that the method is medically effective. Health and fitness writer for Elle Magazine, Alicia Brunker, noted after trying the scan, “I have never felt more in control of my health, both mental and physical…I’m now equipped with the insight and tools to improve the way my body functions.”


Likewise, British writer Leslie Thomas, described her own experience with the scan in The Telegraph, writing, “By day four [of my prescribed program] I was buzzing with physical and mental energy and, according to my husband, looked like a more lustrous version of myself…I feel so good, I’ll be doing it again in the spring.”


Such examples clearly demonstrate not only the healing effects of homeopathic treatments, but also that the BioEnergetic scan clearly helps to better understand individuals’ bodies. It allows homeopaths to pinpoint sources of a client’s health problems — both those which they are conscious of and seeking solutions for, as well as others of which they may not even have been aware.


With the variety of medical options presently available, it is at least worth considering what homeopathic remedies could do for your body and health. The Organic Pharmacy’s BioEnergetic scan can be the first step, allowing you to ensure that the recommendations you receive from your homeopath are catered to your specific needs. In the end, it could be the key to being in sync with your body and feeling your best.


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