Sprint has had their sights on T-Mobile for some time now, but the deal is heating up.


According to recent reports, Sprint Corp has agreed to pay about $40 per share — or $32 billion — to buy T-Mobile US Inc if the merger follows through.


Last year, both companies were worried that the FCC would block their deal, as it potentially has an anti-competitive nature to the deal. However, recent reports have shown that the FCC is leaning towards favoring both companies in the deal, which is likely to encourage them to go ahead with the merger.


Sprint and T-Mobile Coverage Map (PCMAG.com)

Strangely enough, this merger will not expand coverage by much. According to PC Mag, “…if you’re looking for a merger to expand Sprint’s or T-Mobile’s coverage, you’re out of luck, as the networks are basically duplicative.”


To the left is an image by Mosaik that depicts the coverage of both companies currently. The pink is for T-Mobile, the yellow is for Sprint, and the dark purple area shows where the two companies overlap.


While there would be some expansion and big cities would still receive most of the coverage, the map remains fairly similar and would not create much new coverage in the existing blank spaces on the map. For example, Maine and West Virginia are still relatively lacking.


However, gaining coverage is not the true goal of Sprint or T-Mobile. According to the New York Times, “Sprint and T-Mobile… [will] make the case that by combining, they can create a company that can truly compete with AT&T and Verizon both financially and technologically.”


It boils down to this: would you rather give customers four choices — two of which are not that great alone, or three choice that can each hold their ground, each of which has nationwide scale and the resources to invest in better technology?


What do you think of this merger? How do you feel about T-mobile or Sprint as networks by themselves? If you currently have T-mobile, would you switch knowing they were now part of the Sprint family? Let me know your thoughts below or tweet me @kateeb790!