Tech companies are notoriously male-dominated work places, and as such, can create an atmosphere that is harsh for women. However, that does not excuse the slides that were presented at the #AltasCamp conference in Berlin.


According to Elite Daily,

“Atlassian, the company that produces software products like Jira, Confluence, HipChat and more, was holding an #AtlasCamp for developers, when developer Jonathan Doklovic turned the presentation to focus on Maven, a software product that Atlassian uses.”


The slide is so simple and yet says so much: it states that this software is like a woman because it looks beautiful, complains a lot, demands attention, interrupts people while they are working, and does not play well with other friends.


Does this make you wonder how all the people checking the slides before the conference could think this was a good way to present software?


Perhaps the most unsettling part about this story is that the audience of developers — which was mostly consisting of men — did not appear to take notice to this slew of sexist comments. However, after the conference, others who had heard about the incident showed their discomfort through social media and even to the company itself.


The company has since released an apology on their company blog:

We are sorry for having allowed this offensive slide into an AtlasCamp presentation. The content does not reflect our company values – nor our personal values as co-founders and individuals. Quite simply, it’s not OK. Sexism is a difficult issue for the tech industry, and today we didn’t make it any better.

What are you impressions of this incident? Does this reflect badly on their company? Do you think this will hurt their business? Or do you think the apology is enough? Tell me your thoughts and comments below or tweet me your response @kateeb790!