Brianna Olivas purchased an iPhone 7 Plus from a Sprint store back in January of this year; by February 22, the phone exploded. Olivas is a teen from Arizona who tweeted a video of her phone smoking, and it went viral. She took the phone back to the retailer just the day before, claiming it would not turn on. The attendant agreed with her that the phone looked strange when it did turn on, but the diagnostic tests confirmed the phone was in working order.



However, it was not. In fact, the phone was not even in use when it began to smolder and melt while charging. Olivas said the iPhone, “blew up,” and she added that she had “literally no explanation for this.” Olivas’ account is now set to private, so her tweets are not available to post.


Apple is currently investigating the incident and have already replaced her phone. Although there have not been many other complaints such as this in America, there is another incident on record.


An Australian man claimed he had a similar experience to happen with a smartphone. Mat Jones said that he left his iPhone 7 in the car while he was surfing. He returned to find his iPhone 7 melted, and the pair of pants he had it wrapped in were still ablaze. He also claimed the fire damaged his vehicle.



Apple continues to investigate these claims, but have no reason to believe there is need for recall. At least, that is what they hope. Last year, Samsung took a major hit of about $6.5 billion when they had to recall the Galaxy Note 7 once they learned there was a real fire risk associated with the battery design. The BGR site claims that when you do your first major update to the iPhone, “your device is going to take a serious hit where battery life is concerned.” Could this be a reason for the phone’s malfunction?


Olivas never mentioned updating her iPhone, but it is entirely possible she had. Even so, Apple is trying to figure it out. When they do, let’s hope they share the results with us. There have been common activation problems associated with the iPhone 7 since its release, in addition to cloud storage problems. You can find out what to do about those issues here.


As with any device, it is wise to take note of anything you see that looks questionable, and either look up how to fix it, or take it into the retailer where you purchased it for further assistance. A phone is just like any other piece of technology; it can malfunction. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are no exception.


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