Everything today can be found in a wireless and mobile form. There are tablets, laptops, phones, music players, and even speakers. There is one sad, lonely tool that has been lagging behind that everyone — especially college students — desperately needs: the printer.


Everyone is always on the run, and in our face-paced society that depends on technology to keep up with us, it is a wonder as to why our printers are still larger than our torsos and are (at times) so unreliable.


The future has been written: Zuta Labs has taken this much overlooked opportunity and seized it with both hands.


The idea they had was ingenious. Why do we have printers with this large casing around it? In essence, our modern-day printers are just ink cartridges that slide back and forth in a large box. Zuta Lab’s designer cleverly thought to strip away all the casing and bring it down to the essentials. This is a difficult task, as every centimeter needed to be carefully designed.


They have designed a printer that is about the size of a tennis ball that prints simply by gliding across the paper. It is light, wireless, and sleek.


This futuristic printer is made out of polycarbonate with a glossy finish and is set to come in black or white. Right now, the prototype that has been successfully created makes grey scale images and can print documents with ease. This printer can print a page in under a minute and can print from any device (including your phone!).


Zuta Labs has their project up on Kickstarter, and they have already surpassed their goal, thanks to their many pledges. There are still 21 days left in their pledge period, so the release date has not been announced yet. However, your pledge can actually get you an early bird special, and you can be one of the first to own one of these devices!


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