Instagram and other social media applications have increased visability into everyone’s daily lives. With more people watching, there is more of an urge to make sure you look good. That means strategic photos, and more importantly, quality photos.  All of a sudden, we have seen a shift from the usual family photo to more selfies, and now more and more pictures of random things. Yes, you read that right. We are calling you out for posting pictures of your new ballpoint pens on Instagram.


Just because it is random, doesn’t mean it is wrong. In fact, random objects photographed in just the right way can often create the best pictures. Snapping pictures of your newspaper is great, your coffee mug is even better, but we have found the granddaddy of all great social media techniques that will make every single picture you take the best picture yet.


Are you ready? Once you know what we are about to tell you, it can’t be undone. There is no un-reading the words that are about to be set before you. From this point forward you will be entrusted with a secret tool so powerful and subtle that it has been taking normal Instagram pictures to the realm of Insta-popularity and pseudo-artsy cyber celebrity.


Here it is: Take pictures of random things on white sheets.


Now, go back and read that three times so that you memorize it, and quickly find 21 things to photograph on white sheets so that it becomes a habit.


Alright, now that you are a professional, memorizing, habitual white sheet photographer we want to show you a few of the most popular white sheet photographs from across the web.




The classic “shoes on bed” picture. The thought of sweaty athletic shoes on crisp, white sheets is enough to make anyone cringe, and that is what makes these photos all the better. They are an in-your-face way of saying, “look at me, I am so clean and wealthy that my brand new shoes don’t leave so much as a particle of dirt on these freshly washed linens.”

How to pull off this photo:

1. Buy new shoes

2. Take shoes out of box

3. Snap picture of shoes on bed






The risky “food on bed” picture. There is nothing more relaxing than a lazy Sunday with breakfast in bed. What is not relaxing is an overflowing smoothie unattended in a soft, unpredictable sea of white sheets. These are the traits that set this type of picture ahead of the pack. The colorful, juicy goodness of your fresh smoothie will draw viewers in, and the threat of being engulfed by your blemish-free duvet cover will keep them interested.


How to pull off this photo:

1. Make a smoothie

2. Pour smoothie into a cup that is two tablespoons too small

3. Place top-heavy glassware atop soft down comforter

4. Release grip on glass and quickly snap picture before cup spills


Of course, these are just two options out of many, but they are some of the most popular. If you are newcomer to the white sheet photo world, we suggest starting with these two styles because there are many examples to learn from. After you have established good lighting, filters, and camera angles try mixing up your subjects to include cameras, magazines, clothing, coffee, jewelry and more. The options are endless.


What do you think about pictures of things on white sheets? Comment below or tweet me @LydiaYekalam