In the words of Dorothy: “There’s no place like home.” Actually getting home, however, is sometimes easier said than done. Or at least, it used to be. Thanks to a new device which has the ability to turn any pair of shoes into your very own pair of personal ruby slippers, you, like Dorothy, may soon be nothing but a click of the heels away from getting home. Whether you’re itching to get yourself out of a bad date, a sticky situation, or you’re trying to get an Uber to get you home, Dorothy is here to help.


Created by digital agency iStrategyLabs, Dorothy consists of two primary parts: a physical wearable device, the Ruby, and a mobile app. The Ruby slips right into the shoe and syncs directly with the app so that when you click your heels three times, the device sends a signal via Bluetooth to your phone and prompts it to fulfill one of several possible functions. As of now, those functions include sending a preset text message with your location information to some of your contacts or sending a fake phone call to your phone. The former can make communication a bit more efficient and also has the potential to notify contacts if you are in trouble. Meanwhile the latter could come in handy in the event that you need to get out of a bad date or an awkward situation (is that your “boss” calling?).


The Dorothy system can help you do anything from send preset messages to friends to possible even hail an Uber (

The Dorothy system can help you do anything from send preset messages to friends to possible even hail an Uber (

In addition to these functions, iStrategyLabs has been working on adding to the list of the Dorothy’s capabilities, including hailing an Uber to your location, and maybe setting a trigger to order your favorite pizza. The company even invited consumers to suggest what kinds of functions they would like to see Dorothy perform in an effort to further optimize its relevance and applicability to people’s needs.


As the creators continue to develop the system, another goal beyond expanding on its current functions is to work on reducing the size of Dorothy’s physical component, the Ruby. Chief operations officer of iStrategyLab, DJ Saul, has stated that they are exploring models up to a third the size of the current prototype and are even looking into the possibility of building the device into an insole to be inserted seamlessly into the shoe.


The idea of the Dorothy is certainly unique in a market filled with innovations that largely serve to keep us tied to our smartphones and other gadgets. It’s a device which utilizes the capabilities of smartphone technology to further simplify our lives, but does so while allowing us to engage in more hands-free operation. Furthermore, it serves as a relatively discreet way of taking advantage of technological tricks which can be used not only to increase comfort, but potentially safety, as well.


Would you use Dorothy? What are some of the functions that you would love to see it perform with three simple clicks of your heels, aside from those mentioned above? Share your thoughts with us below or tweet me @tamarahoumi