Sometimes, the only thing missing from an online shopping experience is being able to “feel” the objects you are thinking about buying. But, what if we tell you that there is a new tablet that will let you do this?


Reports from the just concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona suggest that Japanese company Fujitsu, is developing a new technology to allow users to connect with the object displayed on their tablet. This technology will simulate different surfaces while you are touching the screen.


Fujitsu had demonstrated the new technology last Tuesday, Feb. 25 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Brian Heater of Yahoo! News shared that some of the simulations were quite life-like, like scratching a record while playing DJ or turning the dial on a safe, while other objects such as the skin of an alligator or plucking strings on an instrument, were less convincing.


The tablet relies on vibration patterns to mimic the feel of objects and actions. Reports suggest that Fujitsu is still developing the gadget further to get more life-like sensations.  This piece of technology appears to be a very promising.  We will continue to track its progress and report back when Fujitsu deploys it into the marketplace.


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