The next highly anticipated iPhone is said to be designed to scan the iris of the eye to identify you, the owner, as another measure of biometric security. Apple placed the order for the iris recognition chips from a company in Taiwan called Xintec.


You will not find information about the new phone on the Apple website, so Digitimes is the source responsible for getting the word out about the new iPhone feature. While the same site advised the iris-scanning feature would not be included until 2018, they have since stated the new iPhone would include this feature this year.


Investors, as well as customers, anticipating the new feature are well-advised to be skeptical and wise as we wait to see what the new iPhone will feature. However, it is safe to assume the rumor of an added biometric security feature is accurate. In addition to the chips ordered from Xintec, Apple has also filed a number of bio-recognition patents. The question is will they debut the iPhone features this year or next year?


Could fingerprint scans be fully replaced by retinal scans?

The idea for biometric security measures such as using the iris to identify a person is not a new one. Researchers and health professionals thought of it back in the 1950’s due to the complexity of the iris itself. The iris is said to be more unique than facial features and fingerprints. No two irises are exactly the same — not even in identical twins.


The technology was mainly used with government entities but may become more widespread due to the need for additional security measures as more people begin to use technological devices. Apple began taking interest in the idea of exploring  iris-scanning methods back in 2014. They successfully introduced Touch ID with the iPhone 5s after buying the sensor technology company Authentec in 2012.


Whether the new iPhone will use iris-scanning technology is something we will have to wait for Apple to reveal. What we know is that it will employ features designed to enhance security and help keep users safe.


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