Since the inception of science fiction, humans have been fascinated with the idea of owning a personal robot. Rosie, the robot maid from “The Jetsons;” R2-D2 and C-3PO from “Star Wars;” and Wall-E, the lovable Disney character, have all shaped our desire for wanting a personal robot for our own families.


Dr. Cynthia Breazeal aims to take personal robots from the pages of fiction and silver screen, and make them a reality.


With a background in Electrical Engineering at the University of California at Santa Barbara, she moved on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for her M.S. and Sc.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It was at MIT that she established herself as a leader in the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, where she founded the Personal Robotics Group at the Media Lab.


Here she is at TEDWomen in February 2011, discussing the relevance of the personal robot in modern culture.



Today, Breazeal is a professor at MIT and directs the Personal Robotics Group. She is also the founder and chief scientist for Jibo, Inc., where she and her team are developing an intuitive personal robot for the home.


In a world of constant innovation, it is imperative for women to take up career pathways in the STEM industry, so that they are not left behind. Breazeal has found a way to marry her love for robotics and technology with her desire to share her love with the rest of the world by communicating as a public speaker and as a professor.


Does the idea of a personal robot for every home delight or scare you? Do you think technology is too invasive, or is this the natural progression of science and technology? Let’s talk robotics here, or find me on Twitter @TiffaniJPurdy