Last week, YouTube launched their free video game streaming service, “YouTube Gaming,” to compete with, but Google has a long way to go to match their competitor’s high viewership.


YouTube Gaming allows users to live stream themselves playing video games for anyone to watch. It’s also a platform for users to watch e-sports tournaments for popular games, like “Dota 2,” “League of Legends,” and “Call of Duty.” Although e-sports and video game streams have been on the rise in recent years, YouTube has very few people using their new feature.


Their streaming service may be in its infancy, but YouTube has been around for over 10 years and has built a fanbase of millions. Despite the high number of users, their trending streams for popular games like “Heroes of the Storm” are rarely bringing in over 100 viewers at a time.


On Monday, YouTube Gaming had over 30,000 people watching the “League of Legends” NA LCS Regional Qualifier tournament stream, which was the platform’s highest viewed live stream at the time. However, Twitch had over 300,000 people watching the same tournament on their website’s stream. What is it about Twitch that brings in a much higher number of viewers for gaming streams?


Twitch titles


Twitch has only been around for four years, but they were one of the first websites that focused on streaming a wide variety of video games and e-sports tournaments. Many professional gamers have been streaming on Twitch from the website’s start, which helped them bring in a large group of fans over the years. The professional gamers have little to no incentive to switch over to YouTube Gaming, so their fans also stay with them on Twitch. One must also consider that Twitch had years to develop an easy to use interface, whereas ogYouTube Gaming’s interface makes it harder to find a live stream because it’s crowded with pre-produced videos.


YouTube Gaming may have had a lackluster launch, but YouTube has proven in the past that channels on their site can attract the attention of gamers. The gaming walkthrough channel “Let’s Play” has brought in 40 billion views with its videos over the years. Once the creators of YouTube’s successful video game channels start live streaming their content, YouTube Gaming could have a shot at becoming one of Twitch’s top competitors.       


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