Spring is upon us. Representing a time of renewal, spring is the season of weddings, trips, and graduations preceding the progression and replenishment of lives.


Therefore, those of us without any major dates approaching, must rely on other tactics to feel revived — and not just your average spring cleaning.


10. Drink More Water. Drinking more water may not sound like a cleansing tip when it comes to your emotional state, but it is instrumental to not feeling like you have been hit in the face by a 10 pound block in the morning. There is something about drinking large amounts of water that produces a feeling of freshness: your skin feels smoother, you are more alert, and you simply feel refreshed. While you are drinking more water…


9. Put Away the McDonald’s and Eat Some Fruit. No matter how good of a deal that $4 Bacon McDouble may be, trade it for an apple or some pineapple slices. Eating fruit can prevent the guilty feeling and depleted bank account that eating out can.


8. Read a Book. Sometimes escaping from the actual world into a fictional one is all one needs to feel more calm and refreshed mentally.


7. Go for a Walk. There is nothing more calming and peaceful than going for a walk on a beautiful Spring day. While listening to music or to the sounds of nature, walking is a simple way to clear your mind of a long day’s troubles and stressors and keep you emotionally cleansed.


6. Listen to Music. Put your playlist on shuffle and jam the pain away, for music is therapeutic on its own.


5. Wash Your Bed Sheets. We may not have listened to our mothers and washed our sheets biweekly as advised; however, a fresh and clean set of sheets makes for a great slumber, which in turn, makes for a refreshed us in the morning. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to not smell your shampoo on your pillow for once?


4. Look Your Best Daily. Although, it may seem a little tough waking up a few minutes earlier, there is a certain joy and confidence that one exudes when they are dressed their best and know they look good.


3. Compliment Yourself. A simple daily “you are beautiful” in the mirror in the morning is something that can last a long way to changing your self-perception, as well as your self-esteem.


2. Air Out Your Dirty Laundry. There is nothing that holds back someone from progressing in life or starting fresh quite like holding on to secrets and grudges. Whatever you may be hiding or feeling about someone, let it out and let go. You will feel significantly better.


1. Leave the Past in the Past.  You are not doing yourself any favors by clinging to “what if”s and “might have been”s. Instead, focus your energies on the present and what you can do to make today the best possible day it can be.


How do you prepare for a ‘Spring mindset?’ What are other effective ways that one can feel renewed this season? Do you believe your emotion is based on yourself or the environment that surrounds you? Let’s discuss it! Tweet me @DeShonna_Aliyah.