After the Santa Barbara, Calif. shooting, there was a social media outcry in the #YesAllWomen movement — a movement that drew attention to misogyny in the United States and the effect of patriarchy on women. As mentioned in the previous #YesAllWomen article on MUIPR, the movement has created global awareness and shed light on women’s battle against misogyny.


Following the international popularity of the #YesAllWomen hashtag, Twitter users decided that awareness was a good first step but not enough to solve the problem.




Soon the hashtag #AllMenCan emerged in support of the women’s hashtag and has since been trending as one of the most popular tags on Twitter.


#AllMenCan is a platform where men can show their support and actively seek to be part of the solution in a society where misogyny has proven to be a huge problem. GirlTalkHQ  defines #AllMenCan as a social movement where men are able to inform others on “compelling reasons as to why they want to stand up and be counted among the men and women who denounce sexism, misogyny, entitlement, and gender discrimination.”


The hashtag has been posted along with photographs of men holding signs displaying #AllMenCan statements. The posts are very powerful, and just as thought provoking as the original #YesAllWomen tweets. Some of our favorites include




“#AllMenCan understand that a dress is not a yes.”


“#AllMenCan stop objectifying women.”


“Challenge and dismantle patriarchy.”


“#AllMenCan be feminists.”


“Men are never entitled to women’s bodies.”


#AllMenCan suggests a bright future for the feminist movement. Men are no longer attempting to silence the women who are valiantly fighting for equality, rather they are trying to find ways to help out.


Although cisgender men can never fully understand the feminist movement, as they have never lived the experiences of women, they are more than capable of using their position of power to be influential allies. The question is no longer “can men support the feminist movement?” but “will they?”

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